Hi, I'm Alli!

This is my driveway, these are my maracas, this is my afternoon sun!

I'm a woman, a wife, a mum. A Neurologic Music Therapist and passionate public speaker on the topic of supporting children's brain function and sensory needs.

I've spent 15 years working in early childhood, mental health care, brain rehab and dementia care as both educator and music therapist, have presented my findings at International, World and Asia Pacific conferences, and in 2017 was named a National AMP Tomorrow Maker for my workshop BRAINS = BEHAVIOURS.

B=B is an incredible 10 week ecourse which gives parents and teachers all the info they need to support their child's functioning to help them increase emotional regulation, focus, self esteem and confidence. Click below to enter your details now and join our waitlist.

ASD and SPD can be difficult to explain and difficult to understand but I do my best on my weekly newsletter, and provide a BUNCH of ah-mazing lightbulb moments and free tutorials and resources to my email tribe :

And finally I have a shop! With the most beautiful tonal drums you'll ever hear AND a few digital products, if meltdowns or emotional dis-regulation are a part of your life go shop here:

Allisondavies.com.au has become such a loving, hilarious and supportive little community to be part of, I thank you for being here, welcome you whole heartedly and look forward to the day all of our children's little brains are treated with the respect they deserve!!!

2018 Allison Davies, Neurologic Music Therapist, Brain Care Specialist

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