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“I am always on the lookout for wise people who can connect and communicate in common sense ways with today’s parents and those who work with children. These experts need to be able to make sense of many of the challenges that can happen in hones and in centres, and to then offer practical solutions that work.

Allison is one of my favourites who does this, she helps us all to make better choices and take better care of our precious brains in her unique, entertaining way.”

Maggie Dent - Author and Parenting Resilience Expert



Are anxiety, overload, or emotional dis-regulation a part of your family’s existence?

If you’ve just silently nodded to yourself, well, you’re in the right place. I’m here to teach you about your child’s brain, emotions & sensory needs so that you can help them to function at their best, kicking these problems to the curb and supporting your children to thrive.

I’m Alli ~ Mum, Wife, Educator, Advocate, Speaker, Neurologic Music Therapist and creator of Brains = Behaviours.

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Brains = Behaviours

"I came here to learn ways to support my daughter and I’ve come away with so much more than that. Wow. I can tell you that this will change the lives of our entire family.”

Brains = Behaviours

"Thank you Allison. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

Brains = Behaviours

"Alli's workshops have filled a gap in the PD landscape that, previously, I didn’t even know existed… and the potential to turn classroom practice on it’s head."