Brains = Behaviours

10 week online course

Learn how to support your child's behaviours using brain care, not behaviour management.

"The behaviours are never really the problem. The behaviours are the result of the problem, which is why behaviour management just isn’t cutting it. Understanding our child’s brain, how it works and how to care for it is the ONLY way to make real behavioural change. 

Allison Davies

maggie dent


 Author and Parenting Resilience Expert 


“I am always on the lookout for wise people who can connect and communicate in common sense ways with today’s parents and those who work with children. Allison is one of my favourites who does this, she helps us all to make better choices and take better care of our precious brains in her unique, entertaining way.”

“Alli teaches with such love, warmth and understanding through her lived experience. I felt safe, seen and held in this sometimes difficult parenting life.” - March 2020 participant

Who is Brains = Behaviours for?

Brains = Behaviours alumni are a diverse bunch of:

  • carers and parents
  • teachers, educators and teacher's aides
  • grandparents
  • psychologists
  • allied health practitioners
  • child advocates and social workers

The course is ideal for you if you're:

  • concerned about your child's anxiety
  • managing a classroom with complex behavioural dynamics
  • working with children
  • trying to support your child through meltdowns, shutdowns and behavioural outbursts
  • parenting a neuro divergent child
  • interested in better understanding how the child's brain develops and how to support it to function at its best

FAQ:  Can I use NDIS funding?

The course is not registered for NDIS, however on some plans it will fit into a funded category. It's best to check this with your planner. We can provide a tax invoice for payments made in full (not available for payment plans).

Learn at your own pace, 

and join in weekly to hear from Alli and connect with other participants.


The predictability topic was my ah-ha moment where many things relating to my own self care and development just made so much sense. It also clarifies what I’ve seen happen in my childcare work where certain things trigger children’s behaviour and anxiety - especially during COVID... so many things just make a lot more sense now.


We were struggling to understand some of our sons behaviours. We decided to do the course so we could better understand his brain and how we can better support him. I loved the videos each week. They were easy to watch and the stories you shared made it easy to absorb. The Facebook lives each week were an added bonus. I highly recommend this course to any parent who wants to better understand what goes on their child's brain.


The course has honestly changed my life - personally and professionally. I have learnt so much about myself and also about children's brain development and in a way that wasn't too overwhelming!

Learn more about Brains = Behaviours

Over the 10 weeks, you'll learn EXACTLY how your child's brain responds and reacts to the world around them giving you more insight into their minds than you've ever had before!

You will FINALLY understand what goes on in that tiny head of theirs! Quite literally! AND with that will come complete clarity around managing their behaviours.

No more confusion, overwhelm, following dozens of parenting blogs or relying on someone 'better experienced' or 'higher qualified' than you to guide you through the parenting journey.

PLUS you'll come away with the tools and strategies you need to focus on your child's brain care in a way that manages their behaviours both at home and in the classroom.

Each Monday throughout the course you'll receive Alli's comprehensive video tutorials. Each Thursday at 12pm AEST we'll practice strategies, share ideas and have Q&A through a live stream in the private Brains = Behaviours Facebook group. These live streams will be saved so you can access them at any time. 

You receive lifetime access to all of the course content, a downloadable workbook, the private Facebook group, and you're welcome to repeat the course each time it is run.

And just a word of warning? Without fail, everyone who's ever done this course has left saying "WOW, I had NO IDEA how much I'd learn about MYSELF!"


FAQ:  I really want to join, but I'm worried I won't keep up with the course.

You're welcome to complete the course in your own time, and also join in on any future rounds. There is no pressure to work beyond your own pace!

“Allison understands neuro-diversity and completely understands my needs as an Autistic woman and mother. This course has allowed me to understand how behaviours are a product of the brain. I've applied some of the strategies and knowledge to my parenting and have already noticed positive outcomes.” - March 2020 participant

What will you learn?

Week 1 - Basic brain functioning. You'll learn what level of functioning to expect from a child's brain and what goes on in there to create overwhelm, overload, anxiety, hyperactivity and so much more. By the end of week 1 you'll understand EXACTLY why the brain, not your child, is responsible for all of their behaviours.

Week 2 - Predictability. In week 2 you'll learn about the brain's very favourite thing - predictability! Find out why predictability is so important, what happens in the brain when it can predict and how

to create more predictability even in the most chaotic of environments.

Week 3 - "What on EARTH were they thinking?!?" How many times have you thought this very thought about your children? Well the truth is, they may not have been thinking at all, and in week 3 you'll find out exactly why.

Week 4 - Childhood anger. Anger in children is rarely an anger management issue, but more often an anxiety management issue. Childhood anger and anxiety will no longer be a mystery after this week and you'll come away knowing exactly how to support your child through their anger.

Week 5 - Hyperactivity. In week 5 you'll learn all about hyperactivity. What it is, why it happens and how to reduce your child's hyperactivity without ever having to focus on it's related behaviours. This week is a game changer!

Week 6 - Sensory Overload, Part One. By the end of this week you'll know the sensory systems and sensory overload inside out. This is the perhaps the most important information we'll cover in the entire course - and you'll be gobsmacked by how much you learn about yourself this week!

Week 7 - Sensory Overload, Part Two.

Our second week focusing on sensory overload will leave you knowing exactly how to manage it. From reducing sensory stimulus, to fidget tools, to creating a sensory kit, you'll come away knowing exactly how to move forward with reducing sensory overload from your lives.

Week 8 - Meltdown Management. A complex and involved topic (and so worthy of it’s own course!). You'll come away from this topic with a firm plan on how to move forward with managing meltdowns. And the Number One rule for meltdown management is "it’s not about the meltdown."

Week 9 - Communication. Talking uses up a lot of energy, requires a lot of processing and this can make it very difficult, especially for children. This week we’ll look at alternative ways you can help your child to communicate and express themselves to avoid pent up emotions and anxiety.

Week 10 - Where to now? We'll recap, refresh and make plans to integrate everything we’ve learnt into simple and sustainable lifestyle changes. We'll look at discussing your new strategies with your child’s teacher, how to go about receiving extra therapeutic help for your child if needed and keeping your mind frame in check so that your new knowledge becomes your new lifestyle!

The Brains = Behaviours™ course offers 10 hours professional development plus certificate on completion.

Tax invoices can be issued to schools, organisations and NDIS agencies upon request (not available on payment plans). 

FAQ:  Can I join the course if I don't live in Australia?

Of course! We are completely online, and you are able to log in from anywhere, at any time. For reference, weekly Q&A sessions are scheduled for 12pm AEST (and are available to watch as a replay.)

Bonus interviews with experts from nutrition to technology, neurodiversity and more! 

Kristy Forbes

Jo Atkinson

Kirsty & James Greenshields

Rebecca Eager

Maggie Dent

Dr Kristy Goodwin

Bliss Cavanagh


This course will change the way you think, practice and view the world. It’s cutting edge and absolutely relevant to everyone, whether you are a parent, teacher, mental health practitioner or someone searching for information to make sense of behaviours. Highly recommend Alli’s wisdom to everyone! Do it for yourself and for your children!


I loved listening to the videos. I was initially hesitant about online learning because I get sick of being in front of a screen. Being able to walk around the house and listen to your videos, or listen to them while driving was absolutely awesome. I could even whip one on while waiting for the children to go to sleep, listening via my headphones. Your voice is calming, easy to listen to, encouraging and I think above all, authentic. I will be going back over the content regularly! Thank you.


Originally I signed up to learn about my daughter's brain and how to help with her brain care. But what I learned about my own brain - mindblowing!! Brain care is now a priority in our house, and boy oh boy are we noticing a difference. 

About Allison

neurologic music therapist / brain care specialist / 2016 amp tomorrow maker / mother

Allison Davies, Registered Music Therapist, lives and works on Tommeginne land, Lutruwita (Tasmania), Australia. She creates online resources for parents, educators and support staff and works with schools to deliver professional development around the topics of childhood brain development and the use of music as a regulatory tool.

Allison holds a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Teaching (University of New England, 2003), a Master of Music Therapy (University of Queensland, 2005) and Neurologic Music Therapy training (Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy, 2016).

She is registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association and World Federation of Music Therapy and has worked in private practice since 2007, predominantly across the areas of early childhood, adolescent mental health, youth justice, neuro-rehabilitation and aged, dementia and palliative care.

Allison is an autistic person with attention, sensory processing and executive functioning difficulties. She works within a neurodiversity framework that favours regulation over intervention, and shares her lived experience of autism openly within her seminars, workshops and conferences as part of her ‘emotive storytelling mixed with science’ approach to education.

In 2016  Allison was named a ‘National AMP Tomorrow Maker’ for her contribution to supporting Australian families through her 2 day workshop, Brains = Behaviours, which is now offered as a 10 week eCourse. In 2018 she created The Brain Care Café, an online membership for adults aiming to self-regulate through therapeutic music experiences.

Allison is a regular contributor to online network ParentTV, and radio station ‘Vision Australia’.

She lives in the rainforest of regional Tasmania, with her husband and 2 children, where she enjoys the beach, the bush and baths.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a music therapist?

Great question! Music Therapists are Allied Health Professionals, working within the health care model. Music is the tool used to attain therapeutic outcomes. Alli jumped on Facebook to answer this question in more depth - you can watch her answer it by clicking here

Q: Do you offer one-to-one support?

Not at this time. The best way to learn Alli's strategies and content is to engage with her within the Brains = Behaviours course, and her membership group, the Brain Care Café.

Q: I'm a teacher - can I claim my time for Professional Learning?

Brains = Behaviours offers 10 hours worth of professional development content. A certificate will be issued upon completion. 

Q: I have a question not covered here-

Email us!

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