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Kicking, hitting, running away, not able to sit at the table or on the mat, not listening, telling lies, meltdown, self harming and the list goes on...

Every. Single. One. Of your child’s behaviours has a reason and a purpose, behaviours are always, ALWAYS a byproduct if what’s going on in their brain.

They don’t choose their behaviours, their brain/body/nervous system does.

And when we understand this, when we recognise how our children’s brains develop and function, we can start to support them in the ways that they need.

Trying to change the dangerous or detrimental behaviour will not work unless the focus is on their regulation, and not the behaviour!!

Join me in this live workshop where together we will look at the worrying behaviours your children experience, and we will work out which action needs to take place for you to support their underlying needs.

I can guarantee you that every behaviour will fit into one of either two categories, and working this out will be a series of monumental lightbulb moments.

But you will also come away from this workshop knowing how to support your child to regulate, rather than relying on behaviour management - and that, my friends, will change your worlds!


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