Your Child Needs Extra Support?
Here’s Where to Start

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Tuesday 23 January
8.00pm, AEST
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When you realise that your child needs some extra help, that whatever’s going on for them falls outside of the ‘typical’ range – or at least you think it does, usually two things happen.

An immediate sense of “Ahhhhh, so it’s NOT my parenting!” (relief), followed immediately with “So what the hell do I do now? And what does this mean for my child?” (fear).

The relief bit is lovely. And I’m here to help you with the fear bit.

I know this feeling only too well, and the anxiety that comes with not knowing where to start finding help for you family can be crippling.

But you know what? The process is actually easier than you think. There is LOTS you can do.

And I’m going to spell it out for you, step by step, in my free 1 hour webinar

‘Your Child Needs Extra Support? Here’s Where to Start’.

Whether you’re seeking guidance for problems with sleep, food, anger, language, behaviours, attention, hyperactivity - it doesn’t mater! The process doesn’t change!


And, it’s a game changer.

So if you’re stuck in that space of thinking that just maybe your child could use some extra support, or that you could use some extra guidance?

This webinar is for you.

2020 Allison Davies, Neurologic Music Therapist, Brain Care Specialist