The Brain Care Café
Avoid overwhelm, manage anxiety and re-empower your innermost self, using music and brain care to do it!
In this modern, rushed, sensory-dense and outcome-focused world, our brains are being forced to work in ways they never have before!
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The sheer volume of information to integrate, the focus on intellectual and cognitive outcomes over emotional and creative expression, the pressure to succeed and the speed at which it all needs to happen is overwhelming.
A brain that is overwhelmed isn’t a brain that feels in control.
And a brain that doesn’t feel in control? Is a brain in survival mode.
“We come as we are and always leave enriched, having seeds of nourishment planted in our hearts, minds and spirits.” -Liz, Café member
no musical experience necessary
no training videos or tools to complete
no pressure to "keep up"
What's Included
Video Examples
Brain Care Strategy #74
Video Examples
Musical Massage
My mind is still, my body is still
What you get
The Brain Care Café is the best place to work with Alli as part of her VIP community, in alignment with her highest passion: using music, in its most basic and accessible forms to regulate, release and renew.
Weekly brain care strategies
Simple, actionable ways you can implement brain care into your everyday life.
Weekly musical massages
Bring a moment of mindfulness to your week.
Monthly song sharing circle
Grow your use of melodic mantra.
Access to our closed online community
A safe place to support, share and connect.
Playlists of music
Mindfulness and meditation playlists, curated by Alli, to support your brain care journey.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use NDIS funding?
The course is not registered for NDIS, however on some plans it will fit into a funded category. It’s best to check this with your planner. We can provide a tax invoice for payments made in full (not available for payment plans).

Do you offer one-to-one support?
Not at this time. The best way to learn Alli’s strategies and content is to engage with her within the Brains = Behaviours course, and her membership group, the Brain Care Café.

I have a question not covered here-
Email us!
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*Payment plans are available
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Free E-book
Melodic Mantra is a music based affirmation practice: your words are sung, your brain is highly active, your nervous system falls in sync, your body, mind & spirit embody your truth and you remember your musicality. This free 20-page workbook will guide you to embody the practice of melodic mantra.
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