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Inside A Teenage Brain

The inside of a teenage brain is a hectic place, to say the least.

And if you have a teen or a tween in your life?

You really, REALLY need the lowdown on exactly what's going on in there.

This masterclass 'Inside a Teenage Brain' will leave you jaw-droppingly amazed at just what your teen is dealing with PLUS how and why their ability to reason, comprehend, regulate emotions, sleep and connect with you, is altered.

Then? We'll focus on solutions, strategies, techniques and ideas that will support both you and your teen through this stage.

You'll come away understanding:

  • Brain functioning in teenagers
  • Adolescent moodiness
  • Risk taking and uncharacteristic behaviours
  • Sleep deprivation and it's effect
  • Strategies to support your teen's needs
  • Strategies to support your own needs
  • Anxiety management for both you and your teen.

Oh, and HOT TIP? Watch this one WITH your teen.

If they'll let you!

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