Sensory Processing Disorder

through Alli's eyes

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In a lot of ways Sensory Processing Disorder defines my life and the way I live it.  

It’s all encompassing, always there, always needing to be managed. And if I don’t manage my SPD day, after day, after day? It causes physical and emotional pain that makes functioning in the world a very difficult and exhausting task.  

And I’m not alone, there are SO MANY of you out there living with this reality. Many are children, and many of those children don’t yet have the words to explain what sensory overload does to them. Not just externally, but internally too. 

Want to know what it physically feels like to have a low noise threshold?

What emotions do I experience when too many things around me are moving?

How (almost impossible) it is to concentrate (on ANYTHING) in a group environment?

How I manage a life of eating food with horrid textures, and how I've adapted my lifestyle to deal with clothes, tastes, touch, parenting etc

My aim is that by sharing insight into my own experience of Sensory Processing Disorder you’ll gain greater clarity into the lives of your own children and students.  

Because my story? It could also be your story xxx

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