Is sensory overload affecting your family life?

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Sensory overload affects us ALL – children and adults alike. 

You know that awful feeling you get when you’re trying to drive and the kids are fighting in the back? Or you’re trying to have a conversation with one person while everyone else at the table is also talking? 

THAT, my friend, is sensory overload, and that feeling? is ANXIETY!

Some of us experience it now and again, but many, many of us, especially children, experience it every single day in a way that makes it difficult to focus, concentrate, be still, listen, or remain anxiety free. 

You will come away from this webinar knowing:

what sensory overload is, and who it affects

how and why sensory overload happens

why sensory overload goes hand-in-hand with anxiety

how to avoid sensory overload, and how to manage it once you're in it​​​​

Honestly, avoiding overload is one of my biggest passions in life, and of all the topics I teach about, this is 100% the most important conversation of all.


2020 Allison Davies, Neurologic Music Therapist, Brain Care Specialist