Melodic Mantra is a music based affirmation practice: your words are sung, your brain is highly active, your nervous system falls in sync, your body, mind & spirit embody your truth and you remember your musicality.

This workshop will guide you to embody the practice of melodic mantra in a safe environment. Purchase your ticket to receive your free Melodic Mantra Workbook, and a replay video after the workshop.

** This workshop is now closed **

"I first started the practice of Melodic Mantra at a time when I was seriously anxious, and it's now been my own personal practice for over two years.

It encompasses everything I love about the power of music, it keeps my anxiety manageable (possibly the greatest life skill I can pass on to my children), and it's the whole reason Every Little Cell made such a splash in 2020.

See you there!"             

Allison Davies, Registered Music Therapist


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