How to Create a Calm Christmas
(25 tips for 25 days)

​How does the thought of Christmas make you feel?

Excited? Rushed? Busy? Thrilled? Lonely? Tired?

If you answered yes to any of these, you likely just experienced a
feeling of anxiety. 

Which is fine in isolation, but definitely not fine in bulk!


So I’ve put together my top 25 tips to help create actual, real life calm,
not just to help your family survive Christmas,
but to help you survive, full stop!


Reduce Anxiety, overload and overwhelm


Increase focus, creativity and relaxation as a family


Christmas Countdown

1 short video each day for 25 days


Begins 1 December

Finishes just in time for Christmas



20 minute interview with Clinical Psychologist, Monique from The Nourished Psychologist explaining exactly WHY these techniques work.

2020 Allison Davies, Neurologic Music Therapist, Brain Care Specialist