Creating a calm Christmas:

1: Maintaining Boundaries

You know what? You don't even have to know what your boundaries are for this strategy to work. But it works!

Watch the Week 1 video.

2: Overload & Overwhelm

These are absolutely enormous topics. And I don't wont overload OR overwhelm you with too much information about how to manage them, so this video is a brief overview with one fabulous strategy for helping avoid, prevent or reduce both.

Watch the Week 2 video.

3: Gratitude

The difference between saying thank you and *actually* experiencing gratitude is enormous! Don't get me wrong - just the act of saying thank you and expressing gratitude is good for us - but literally and truly feeling grateful is absolutely AMAZING for us! And, more than anything, feeling grateful comes when we address other elements in our life - like our boundaries. Yep, step 3 is all dependent on a successful step 1!
Let's go... Watch the Week 3 video.

4: Keeping your energy levels high!

If you've taken the first three videos on - you already ARE experiencing greater levels of energy. Nothing increases our energy more than removing aspects of our lives, our preconditioned belief systems or patterns that do not serve us and drain us of energy! Watch the Week 4 video.

Additional resources for you...

A free download affirming your work in each of the four strategies covered in the Calm Christmas series. Available as an A4 poster to pin on the wall at home, or four phone wallpapers to save to your phone.

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