Brains = Behaviours
10 week online course
Brains = Behaviours™ will always be my first and favourite work baby. The course that was born out of necessity - for me and for you, and the one creation that still stops me in my tracks every time we open registrations.
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Brains = Behaviours™ was an offering to myself, at a time when I was feeling exhausted, confused, uncertain, unheard, unseen and invalidated.

I was in the midst of my autism diagnosis, and my daughter was in the midst of hers. I was feeling uneasy about the therapeutic options we’d been given access to. I was feeling out of alignment with the way I practiced music therapy. I needed more. So I spent a year collating the latest research, together with my own lived experience, my experience as an allied health professional, and the issues you told me you’re struggling with.

And Brains = Behaviours™ was born.Brains = Behaviours™ is not here to fix anyone…
It’s here to teach you about your child’s brain, show you how to support them to regulate, how to deeply accept them for who they are and to prove that behaviours are only EVER a byproduct of what is really going on.

The behaviours are NEVER the problem.
“We were struggling to understand some of our sons behaviours. We decided to do the course so we could better understand his brain and how can support him. I loved the videos each week - they were easy to watch and stories Alli shares made it so easy to absorb. I highly recommend this course to any parent who want to better understand what foes on in their child’s brain.”
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What's Included
Learn how to support your child’s behaviours using brain care, not behaviour management. The behaviours are never really the problem. The behaviours are the result of the problem, which is why behaviour management just isn’t cutting it. Understanding our child’s brain, how it works and how to care for it is the ONLY way to make real behavioural change.
Ten weeks online learning
Learning with videos, transcriptions and guest interviews.
Live discussions
Weekly live discussion with Alli.
Professional development
Ten hours of Professional Development upon completion.
Comprehensive workbook
Comprehensive workbook with practical strategies supplied.
Membership of the global
Dedicated and thoughtful alumni B=B community.
Lifetime access
Lifetime access to the materials and videos so you are free to learn at your own pace.
Special Guests
Involved with the course
Anthony Smith
I, as an individual and on behalf of Allison Davies Pty Ltd, acknowledge that I live.
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Anthony Smith
I, as an individual and on behalf of Allison Davies Pty Ltd, acknowledge that I live.
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Anthony Smith
I, as an individual and on behalf of Allison Davies Pty Ltd, acknowledge that I live.
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"This course will change the way you think, practice and view the world. It’s cutting edge and absolutely relevant to everyone, whether you’re a parent, teacher, mental health practitioner or someone searching for information to make sense of behaviours. Do it for yourself and your children!"
Who is this for?
Brains = Behaviours alumni are a diverse bunch of:
Carers and parents, teachers, educators and teacher’s aides, grandparents, psychologists, allied health practitioners, child advocates and social workers.

The course is ideal for you if you’re:
Concerned about your child’s anxiety, managing a classroom with complex behavioural dynamics, working with children, trying to support your child through meltdowns, shutdowns and behavioural outbursts, parenting a neuro divergent child, interested in better understanding how the child’s brain develops and how to support it to function at its best.
Enrolment opens:
March 2022
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