Avoid overwhelm, manage anxiety and re-empower your innermost self, using music and brain care to do it!

In this modern, rushed, sensory-dense and outcome-focused world, our brains are being forced to work in ways they never have before!

The sheer volume of information to integrate, the focus on intellectual and cognitive outcomes over emotional and creative expression, the pressure to succeed and the speed at which it all needs to happen is overwhelming. 

A brain that is overwhelmed isn't a brain that feels in control.

And a brain that doesn't feel in control? Is a brain in survival mode.

"The Brain Care Cafe has been one of the highlights of my life in this strange year."

- Barbara

"We come as we are and always leave enriched, having seeds of nourishment planted in our hearts, minds and spirits."

- Liz

"I love this so much!!! It’s exactly what I need and needed and will need."

- Julie

Brain care isn't self care - it's an essential life skill.

Brain Care = giving your brain MORE of what helps it run and LESS of what shuts it down.

By experiencing moments of brain care every day we widen our window of tolerance, release pent up emotion and remind our brain, body and nervous system that we are safe.

We regain clarity, energy and flow and experience less brain fog, fatigue and confusion.

The relationship between music and the brain is so huge that using music strategically in our lives is literally one of the best ways we can self regulate.

And perhaps most importantly? When our children witness our brain care journey, it plants the seed for their own development of self regulation. We do the work, they reap the rewards. It’s a win/win.

Think of brain care strategies the way you do vitamins - one moment of brain care won’t change your life, but moments of brain care every single day will keep your brain functioning at it’s best.

no musical experience necessary
no training videos or tools to complete
no pressure to "keep up"
Your journey happens at your own pace

The Brain Care Café is the best place to work with Alli as part of her VIP community, in alignment with her highest passion: using music, in its most basic and accessible forms to regulate, release and renew.

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What you get:

  • Weekly brain care strategies: simple, actionable ways you can implement brain care into your everyday life
  • Weekly musical massages to bring a moment of mindfulness to your week
  • Monthly guest interviews + discussion on the 12 Pillars of Brain Care to deepen your knowledge on the brain and its' needs


  • Access to our closed Facebook group - a safe place to support, share and connect
  • Playlists of music, mindfulness and meditation, curated by Alli, to support your brain care journey
  • Each month one member of the Café receives a book chosen for them by Alli

"I love the Brain Care Café! Thank you Alli - it's just what I need right now!"

- Nikki

"I'm in - it's definitely going to push some comfort zones in the process and I can't wait to experience it's magic."

- Lee

Sneak peek at Strategy 21:
Awareness of breath through singing

"Our 10 year old daughter has actually told me she loves hearing me be happy now."

- Kylie

Sneak peek at a musical massage:
Guided meditation by rain and chime

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the goal of the Café?

To give you a smorgasbord of brain care strategies so you can choose the perfect ones for you. To give brains more of what helps them run and less of what shuts it down. Please note that I do not promote changing or fixing brains, and that our strategies are aimed to help each individual function at their best, not to improve or change. This information must not take the place of any medical advice you have been or are currently seeking. Please see full terms and conditions for further information.

Q:  Will this be relevant to me, or my children?

This one’s for you. I thought it time we create a space for our own brain care to be discussed. But the good thing about our strategies is that they can be very easily adaptable for you to use with your children and students so it’s a win/win!

Q:  I don't think I have enough time.

This isn't another course you need to complete. The Brain Care Café will be a place you come to decompress while you learn regulatory strategies and support your brain to function at its best. You do not need to move through the content at a set pace, but it will be there for you to access when you are ready.

Q:  I'm not on Facebook.

You can join us anyway! The Brain Care Café will be hosted on Facebook, and that’s where our conversations are happening. But all of the strategies, musical massages and guest interviews will be available in the online portal – you’ll receive access once you've joined.

Q:  Am I locked in?

No - the Café is a subscription (renewing monthly, quarterly, or yearly) and you can cancel anytime. BONUS: The pricing level you sign up for now is a lifetime price, for as long as you wish to stay in The Brain Care Café.

Allison Davies


Allison Davies (she/her) lives and works on Tommeginne land, Lutruwita (Tasmania), Australia. She creates online resources for parents and teachers seeking guidance around how to use music therapeutically in their own lives, and to reclaim their inherent musicality along the way.


Working within a neurodiversity framework that favours regulation over intervention, and sharing her lived experience of autism, Allison empowers others to use music as a tool for neuro-regulation at home and in the classroom.

Her programs, workshops and speaking events have received international acclaim for their ability to enthral an audience, deliver lightbulb moments and shift paradigms away from behavioural management and towards brain care.

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