Lessen anxiety & increase brain function

at The Brain Care Café

In this rushed and overloaded modern lifestyle our poor brains are expected to perform processes and functions that they’ve simply never had to deal with before. The influx of intellectual and sensory information is putting our brains at breaking point, and when our brain becomes overloaded? We become anxious. Brain care absolutely MUST become a mainstream practice if we are to thrive within the modern lifestyle.

The Brain Care Café is the perfect place to make this practice a priority.
Doors will re-open later in 2019!

Building brain care into the rhythms of your life

The Brain Care Café has been a LOOOONG time coming!! But finally the café is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

What will you find here? Me. Every Sunday at 10am (AEST) on the dot, ‘posting’ to you while I have my morning coffee. 

And what will we be posting about? BRAIN CARE. Brain care refers to the things we do to keep our brain happy.

Think of brain care strategies the way you do vitamins - one moment of brain care won’t change your life, but moments of brain care every single day will keep your brain functioning at it’s best AND you’ll be less likely to experience anxiety.

 This is for you if...

  • you need easy and implementable strategies to ease anxiety and sensory overload
  • you DON'T have loads of time to spare
  • you need something each week that's just for you
  • check
    you're also looking for help that's adaptable to use with your children

in the brain care Café you'll receive:

  • Weekly brain care strategies in our closed Facebook group
  • Access to bonus digital resources
  • A community of likeminded individuals, all of whom have done one of Alli’s courses and are look for brain care, not behaviour management.
  • Ongoing practical advice for supporting our brains to function at their best. 

Meet me in The Brain Care Café for a weekly brain care strategy, and

let’s get your brain feeling and functioning at it’s best again.

Sign up below to hear when the Café is open again!


“Implementing Alli's advice has brought a sense of fun back to our work,

inspiring hope and passion that had worn away over time.”

- Ange

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • But I can't commit to sunday's.
  • But I'm not on facebook.
  • I'm in a different timezone.
  • Will this be relevant to me? Or my children?
  • do you serve coffee?
  • What is the goal of the café?
  • Am I locked in?
  • I don't Think I have enough time.

You can still join us! I’ll be posting every Sunday morning at 10am AEST, but the content will be published and available for you to come back to you at a time that suits you. 

“We now, as a family, have a whole toolbox of skills and resources to draw on when needed."

- Eleanor

“WOW - to say I’ve had many lightbulb moments is an understatement."

- Tracey

"Because with every post and every video she shares these lightbulb moments that help me feel like a completely normal person."

- Robyn

The Brain Care Café is reopens soon - sign up here to be notified:

Allison Davies Brains = Behaviours

Allison Davies

neurologic music therapist / brain care specialist / 2016 amp tomorrow maker / mother

Allison Davies RMT NMT, received a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Teaching from the University of New England (2003) and a Master of Music Therapy from the University of Queensland (2005) before training with the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy in 2016.

She is registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association and has been in private practice in Tasmania, Aus, since 2007, working predominantly across the areas of early childhood intervention, mental health, neural-rehabilitation and aged care.

Allison has enjoyed presenting and guest speaking for more than 15 years and is renowned for her ability to entertain a room in her unique ‘storytelling mixed with science’ approach to educating, as well as sharing enlightening excerpts of her lived experience of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder.

In 2016 Allison created a music therapy program focused on a palliative approach to dementia care and presented her findings at the International Dementia Conference and the World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies.

She was named a 2016 National AMP Tomorrow Maker for her contribution to creating a better tomorrow for Australian families through her 2 day workshop, Brains = Behaviours, which was first offered as an eCourse in 2018.

Allison lives in regional Tasmania, with her husband and 2 children, where she enjoys the beach, the bush and baths.

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