Anxiety. We all know how it feels.
Suffocating, angry, overwhelming, overriding, scary, unstoppable, stifling.
And if it feels like that to us?
Imagine how it feels for our kids.


What the hell is it? And why is it happening to my child (and me!)?

In this tutorial we discover:


What the hell IS anxiety?


Why is it happening to my child?


Why is it happening to me? 


How do we make it go away??? (the million dollar question)

 Maggie Dent 

 Author, parenting and child resilience expert 


“I am always on the look out for wise people who can connect and communicate in common sense ways with today’s parents and those who work with children. These experts need to be able to make sense of many of the challenges that can happen in homes and centres and to then offer practical solutions that can work. Allison is one of my favourites who does this and she can help us all to make better choices and take better care of our precious brains in her unique entertaining way

In this original workshop we also had question time, so if YOU have questions about anxiety and your child? They *may* just have been asked and answered right here in this tutorial!

Priced at $49AU the value here is real! And the feedback was amazing!

So if anxiety is a player in your world, please, please do yourself a favour and get to the bottom of it. You need this.

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